Your Nebraska Box will be delivered to your selected Nebraska Box pickup site every Friday at a specific time.  Subscribers will be notified of the pickup time frame by email before their subscription begins.  The exact pickup instructions and time frame will vary by site.  Nebraska Boxes that are not picked up within the designated time frame will be donated, and no refund will be given those boxes.  If you can’t pick up your box, you are encouraged to send a friend, co-worker, or family member to pick up your box for you!  Remember you can skip a week in advance if you know you will be out of town.



We do our best to provide high quality items every week.  The producers we work with are trained in farm food safety, and significant steps are taken at individual farms, during transport, and at Lone Tree Foods to protect and maintain freshness and quality.  If you have concerns about the quality of any items, we value your feedback!  If you want a credit or replacement considered, you must contact us within 24 hours and provide details and photo(s) of the item(s) of concern.  We will contact you directly to resolve the issue.  Replacements and/or credit are not guaranteed, as each matter will be considered on a case by case basis.

There may be times that we include in your Nebraska Box items do not match USDA standard guidelines.  These such items could include tomatoes less than ripe (that will ripen on your counter), turnips with surface insect damage (that can be peeled), carrots with slightly damaged green tops (that can be ground into pesto).  These and other such examples are not instances in which credit or replacement will be granted.  In the weekly newsletter, we will try to provide additional information and tips when unique items or circumstances exist regarding certain items.



Every Sunday, the team at Lone Tree Foods will send an email and newsletter to subscribers that will include the list of items with which we will pre-fill your virtual Nebraska Boxes.  You will have the remainder of Sunday and all day Monday to mix ‘n match your box contents if you so choose.  If you do not customize your box or select the option to skip a week by 11:59pm Monday, Lone Tree Foods will pack your Nebraska Box with the default box contents from Sunday’s list.  Lone Tree Foods reserves the right to make reasonable substitutions for the items in the boxes if necessary.  Substitutions may occur due to events such as inclement weather.  Nebraska weather can be unpredictable, and your items are picked and packed as freshly as possible…which sometimes can mean that Sunday’s prediction is not Friday’s reality 😉



When you select the Nebraska Box subscription of your choice, you will enter your credit card or ACH information and submit payment for the total amount in your cart.  Every four weeks, or when you credit has been used, your subscription will be auto-renewed, and funds will be taken from your card or account on file.  You are able to stop the subscription’s next auto-renewal.  If you cancel the auto-renewal before your previous transaction’s funds have run out, you will not receive a refund for remaining credit.  Instead you will continue to receive Nebraska Boxes until your credit has been used.  Please contact us if you are having issues stopping the auto-renewal.  We are here for you!