PEPPERS, HOT PEPPER- DEHYDRATED, Naga Viper, 3-ct bag (1.3 million SHU)

by Abie Vegetable People

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Warning: These peppers are no freaking joke. Its not a funny cartoon scene of fire-breathing heat that goes away. It lingers! It sits in your mouth and bleeping hurts for a solid 15- 20min. You won’t be able to talk to people in coherent sentences,. You constantly salivate. You will drink water only to find it makes it all worse. DO NOT screw around with this stuff. Don’t wipe your eyes, dont pee, dont hold a baby for at least an hour after you touch these. Don’t cook with them directly in an unvented kitchen unless you like cooking after getting shot in the face with pepper spray. Don’ be Stupid with these!!! Enjoy!

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