This is the last week for NE Box! We’ve made it easy for you to stock up! Use coupon code happyholidays for 25% off all orders of $50 or more.


Many items are already discounted! Log in at to see the savings!


Even though NE Box is going away for a while, you will be able to make orders on our wholesale page .

If you would like to order from our wholesale site, you’ll need to make up a new account, the website is NOT the same as the NE Box website, but we do carry all the local products you love! The delivery is a little different from NE Box, if you have questions, make sure to be in touch and ask!






If you’re looking down here for your box contents, you’ll have to go log in to see them!





Log in between 10am Sunday and 11:59pm Monday to customize your box every week.  If you’re skipping a week, put yourself on vacation mode.  DON’T FORGET to un-check the vacation box when you’re back and in need of a box. 


See you sometime!