NE Box Newsletter for Oct. 11, 2019 Pickup

Hello NE Box’ers!  Guest newsletter by Erin this week.  I want to make sure everyone is up to speed on a few important items:

1)  For the many who have asked, and a few others who have been wondering:  Nebraska Box runs year-round!  We take rolling signup so new folks can join whenever, and all of YOU can continue getting great local food all year.  Let’s normalize local food together.

Winter Veggies Local Food
January Hoop House Tour at The Edible Source

2) Have you heard about our change from Veggie to Small and from Supreme to Large?  Personally, as a Veggie subscriber (and Breakfast subscriber before that), I know this is going to be a great change. 

Why’s that?

I don’t subscribe to NE Box just for the veggies.  I want it all!  And moving forward, if I forget to customize (okay, it’s happened a couple times…), now I won’t pick up a box of JUST veggies.  I’ll have a big mix of food items.  Which is what I’m going for here.  Local food made easy, one-stop shop, definitely the most convenient way I’ve ever gotten local food to my fridge. 

Going to the farmers’ market?  Nope, not easier.  Gotta find something cute to wear (kidding), gotta park, gotta try to keep things at temp on the drive home, sometimes it rains…gotta talk to people in a public place on the weekend… And I don’t say this just for the convenience of customers; farmers need steady sources of income, and they need to know what they grow, raise, or otherwise produce will reach a purchasing audience.  While farmers markets can supplement sales for part of the year (again, on nice days), a steady year-round market can provide a more sustainable income stream.  Ta da = Nebraska Box!

Growing your own garden?  Nope, not easier.  Fun, sure, worth it, yes, but easier?  No way.  And I say this as someone who has done a lot of home growing.  Now, I choose a few veggies I really enjoy growing, and let the pros handle the rest.  And I don’t have a mushroom farm or a cranberry horseradish chevre farm 😉 and I don’t raise hogs… 

Grow your own food Fail
Grow Your Own Food Fail: Sabotaged by the Cat Again

Customizing my Nebraska Box, and then swinging by the warehouse to pick it up, is EASILY my favorite shopping adventure of the week.  We hope it is for you too. 

Tell your friends to put your name in the order comments when they sign up, and get some free goodies from us!  And remember, many sites have rewards:  At White Elm, you’ll get $1 off a pint, and at Indigo, you’ll get a free drink and 10% off purchases.  At the LTF warehouse, you get to see where the magic happens.  Picking up at work?  That’s a perk of its own.  And Ted & Wally’s, oh boy.  I do wish I lived in Omaha sometimes.

We have some great default boxes and additional options this week.  What stands out to me?  ASIAN PEARS.  ALL BEEF HOT DOGS.  PARISIAN CARROTS.  I also love bok choy and will snag a bunch of parsley this week.  The cranberry horseradish chevre might make my list this week, and always the coffee.  I love to stock up on the staples like the bags of onions and potatoes too. 

Don’t miss out on your mix and match opportunity; log in between 10am Sunday and 11:59pm Monday to customize your box every week.  If you’re skipping a week, put yourself on vacation mode.  DON’T FORGET to un-check the vacation box when you’re back and in need of a box. 

The boxes this week:


  • Grassfed Ground Beef from Range West Beef
  • Bok Choy from Abie Vegetable People*
  • Spaghetti Squash from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Green Cabbage from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Parsley (organic) from Robinette Farms


  • Old Fashioned All Beef Hot Dogs from Range West Beef
  • Asian Pears from Fox Run Farms
  • Bok Choy from Abie Vegetable People
  • Cranberry Horseradish Chevre from Honey Creek Creamery
  • Parisian Carrots from Abie Vegetable People
  • Spaghetti Squash from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Green Cabbage from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Yellow Sweet Onions from Abie Vegetable People

Enjoy this delightful fall weather and don’t forget to use the Seasonal and Simple App. It can give you tips for many MANY local items.