NE Box Newsletter for Nov 8, 2019 Pickup

Hello Everybody!

Do you ever feel like your produce is just not purple enough? Well we’ve got the fix for you this week. Beets, carrots, and potatoes this week are purple. Purple! Purple Daikon radish, red onions (which really, as you know, are purple…), and hot pink kraut (kinda purple). Whatever the color, it’s all going to be so good.

This week we’re introducing pesto spreads made by Adam of The Edible Source. If you tried them at the Farmers Market this year, you know what a treat you’re in for! I can’t help but think how grand it’ll taste, smeared on a big fat piece of Le Q Parisian baguette. Also from Adam this week, are some Ready-to-cook Butternut squash fries! Yes, Adam’s taken on all the work of prepping local Butternut squash into fries that can be roasted, fried, or cooked in whatever manner you see fit. How handy is that?

Also new this week, we’ve got Pecan Butter pouches. They’re the perfect size for all those late afternoon snack attacks! In fact, we were seized by just such an attack in the LTF office the other day, and these little gems, paired with a sweet and crisp Sonata apple, fixed us right up quick! Occasionally we’ll be providing items such as these, while not locally produced, they’ve been thoughtfully sourced. Check this company out HERE. They’re a small company working toward making a big regenerative impact on the land, restoring biodiversity, and rebuilding ecosystems, as well as rural communities.

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The boxes this week:


Pecan Butter from REP Provisions (1.15 oz pouch)

Butternut Squash Fries from The Edible Source (1 lb ready to cook fries)

Oyster Mushrooms from Abie Vegetable People (6 oz)

Purple Carrots from Pekarek’s Produce (2 lb bag)

Kale from Abie Vegetable People (2 bunches)


Pecan Butter from REP Provisions (1.15 oz pouch)

Red Onions from Abie Vegetable People (3 lb bag)

Oyster Mushrooms from Abie Vegetable People (6 oz)

Vanilla Yogurt from Burbach’s Countryside Dairy (4-pack of 6 oz cups)

Kale from Abie Vegetable People (2 bunches)

Sunflower Shoot and Walnut Pesto Spread from The Edible Source (5 oz tub)

Parisian Baguette from Le Quartier Bakery (One double baguette)

Beetroot from Pekarek’s Produce (2 lb bag)

Harvest Moon Purple Potatoes from Pekarek’s Produce (3 lb bag)

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we’re super excited to be bringing you more pesto spreads, some chili seasoning mixes, paprika, and garlic salt. You’ll have no need to look any further than in your Nebraska Box, for all your Thanksgiving needs. Starting with pureed pumpkin. Fresh local pumpkin puree, that you didn’t have to prep and puree! It’ll be good to go and ready for you to whip up all your favorite pumpkin delights.

Look for more apples, brussels, potatoes, and carrots. Locally-made pasta and also pickles will be featured soon — I can hardly wait for both of those!

Keep in touch everyone! Let us know what you’re liking, not liking, want to see more of, or want to never see again!

We love getting feedback, and we want to pack your boxes full of all the shopping staples you need each week.