NE Box Newsletter for Nov 22, 2019 Pickup

Hello Nebraskans!


REMEMBER: There will be no NE Box the week of Thanksgiving (you will NOT get a box delivered on Nov. 29th) Enjoy the holiday, and the food, with your family and friends!

The Nebraska Box can provide you with a wide variety of things you need for Thanksgiving, and any meal! Pumpkin pie filling? We got it. Salts and spices? Check. Flour and grains? You bet. Look closely through the add-ons when you are customizing your box and get the food you eat each week!


Speaking of the food you eat each week, we love to hear (and see!) what you are doing with your NE Box haul. Send us photos, tag us in your social media posts! We’re @lonetreefoods on FB and insta.


This week we’re featuring pumpkin puree from The Edible Source. What’s so cool about this pumpkin puree? Firstly, it makes it a cinch to put together a pumpkin pie. But this particular puree is phenominal because it’s a #collab between two great local food producers. The Edible Source gets pumpkins from Pekarek’s Produce and turns them into deliciousness for you! There are two different varieties available this week, check them out!



Log in between 10am Sunday and 11:59pm Monday to customize your box every week.  If you’re skipping a week, put yourself on vacation mode.  DON’T FORGET to un-check the vacation box when you’re back and in need of a box. 

The boxes this week:


Plain Pumpkin Puree from The Edible Source

Yellow Onions from Abie Vegetable People

Fuji Apples from Martin’s Hillside Orchard

Spaghetti Squash from Pekarek’s Produce

Sweet Potatoes from Pekarek’s Produce


Spiced and Sweetened Pumpkin Puree from The Edible Source

Beef Stew Meat from Oak Barn Beef

Hulled Barley from Grain Place Foods

Yukon Gold Potatoes from Pekarek’s Produce

Purple Carrots from Pekarek’s Produce

Brussels Sprouts from Abie Vegetable People

Multi-Grain Sandwich Bread from Le Quartier

There are some other fun produce items in the add-ons this week. Make sure to check them out so you can do a new twist on your fall favorites!

Keep in touch everyone! Let us know what you’re liking, not liking, want to see more of, or want to never see again!

We love getting feedback, and we want to pack your boxes full of all the shopping staples you need each week.