NE Box Newsletter for Nov 1, 2019 Pickup


By the time you receive these Nebraska Boxes, it will be the first day of November. I can hardly believe that. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we surely are starting to see some of the traditional Thanksgiving favorites. Brussels sprouts are certainly on our Thanksgiving menu, and they are making their appearance this week. We’ve got some that have been plucked for you, and we’ve got some still hanging out on the stalk, if you’d prefer them that way.

Make some room in your life for mushrooms… cuz we’ve got ’em a’plenty! Now’s a good time to stock up. And don’t worry if they linger too long in your frig— they’re just drying out in there, and will be just as good to use in soups and stews, later on down the road. We even have mushroom popcorn for you this week, just to carry the theme a bit further…

Granola is new this week. Michelle, of Big Green Tomato says that this particular flavor (Cranberry Pecan) is super delectable with roasted apples. Good thing we’ve got apples for you! These Sonata apples are a fine eating-out-of-hand apple, or, as previously suggested, would be splendid when roasted. If you are looking to do some apple puttin’ up type stuff, we’ve got a bushel of processing grade Jonagolds for you as well. They received some hail damage, but have healed over well, and are really some nice apples.

We’ve also got milk for you, should you prefer your granola like that. 2% in quarts, or trade up to a gallon of whole. It’s from Burbach’s and is in those fantastic old-timey glass bottles. The price for the deposit on those bottles is included in the total price, and you’ll get your two bucks back when you return the bottle! We’ll take it back, or you can return it to one of the stores ON THIS LIST that also carry Burbach’s. Or you can keep it and put a lovely bunch of flowers in it. Up to you!

Last but not least, cucumbers and green leaf lettuce. This will most likely be the last week of the year we get both of these. I think a giant salad with all the late summer veg is in order, alongside a giant bowl of Roasted Pumpkin Soup


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The boxes this week:


Cranberry Pecan Granola from Big Green Tomato (12.5 oz)

Green Leaf Head Lettuce from Pekarek’s Produce (1 head)

Parisian Carrots from Abie Vegetable People (1 bunch)

Cucumbers from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)

Sweet Dumpling Squash from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)


Cranberry Pecan Granola from Big Green Tomato (12.5 oz)

Sonata Apples from Martin’s Hillside Orchard (8-ct)

2% Milk from Burbach’s Countryside Dairy (1 quart)

Cucumbers from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)

Brussels Sprouts from Abie Vegetable People (1 lb)

Grassfed Ground Beef from Davey Road Ranch (1 lb)

Spaghetti Squash from Abie Vegetable People

Keep in touch everyone! Let us know what you’re liking, not liking, want to see more of, or want to never see again!

We love getting feedback, and we want to pack your boxes full of all the shopping staples you need each week.