NE Box Newsletter for September 20, 2019 Pickup


Welcome to another week of fresh and local, in-season and delectable eats. We have Le Quartier pizza crusts again this week! Just in time to pair with some of Abie Vegetable People’s basil, and cherry tomatoes from Robinette Farms –in colors a’many. Also for you this week, we have a couple of different chevres, which could be perfect to dollop on your pizza or spread on your Bagel Bin egg bagel — Honey Creek’s Lemon Verbena and Honey, or just go simple, with plain fresh Chevre from Dutch Girl Creamery. New this week on the produce front — some lovely colored bell peppers from Pekarek’s Produce, and delicately wrapped, tart little tomatillo gems from Clear Creek Organic Farms. It surely is a colorful, delightful, and supremely tasty time of year.

The boxes below are what we’ve put together for you for this week. Peruse the list to see if you want it all, want only some, or don’t want any of it. There’s lots of other options— add them in, or swap them out with something you don’t fancy as much in the boxes this week. Are you swimming in cukes and don’t need anymore this week? Take them out of your box. Or, are you supposed to bring the cucumber salad to dinner with friends this week, or, happen to be the type to eat them in every sandwich you make, or, love a nice glass of cucumber lemonade? Then you go ahead and double up how many you’re getting in your box this week. Triple up, if you need to.

Sweet Gem Red Watermelon from Abie Vegetable People

Slicing Cucumbers from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)

Tomatillos from Clear Creek Organic Farms (8 oz)

Spaghetti Squash from Pekarek’s Produce

Certified Organic Red and Green Salad Mix from Abie Vegetable People (6 oz)

Mulit-Colored Bell Peppers from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)

Sweet Gem Red Watermelon from Abie Vegetable People

Certified Organic Red and Green Salad Mix from Abie Vegetable People (6 oz)

Mulit-Colored Bell Peppers from Pekarek’s Produce (2-ct)

Pizza Crusts from Le Quartier Bakery (2-pk)

Multi-Colored Cherry Tomatoes from Robinette Farms (1 pint)

Certified Organic Basil from Abie Vegetable People (2 oz clamshell)

Ground Pork from Davey Road Ranch or Clear Creek Organic Farms (1 lb)

Plain Chevre Pyramid from Dutch Girl Creamery (~.33 lb)

While you are customizing your box and browsing through The Nebraska Box website, check out the Vacation Mode for when you’re out of town. Or, look into rescheduling future payments as needed. Tell all your friends about the newest addition–our “one off” weekly box option for folks out there who aren’t ready to commit to a subscription.  We’re still getting it situated on our website, so for now please share these direct links with anyone who may be interested:  Weekly Supreme Box  and Weekly Veggie Box.  Have them put your name in the order comments for a $10 kick back to your funds.  As subscribers, you’ll want to be sure and log in and stick with your usual Supreme and Veggie for the best value; the Weekly options are $5 more.

Did you know Robinette Farms is now Certified Organic? They’ve been using organic practices since the day they started Robinette Farms, but this summer were finally able to become official with the USDA! Growing organically means working with nature to sustain the health of the soil, ecosystems, and people in the community. Robinette Farms grows 35+ varieties of vegetables! They grow in-tune with the seasons, extending the season into winter with the use of high tunnels.

Abie Vegetable People, Mark Roh. This year, several of their crops have been Certified Organic! Salad mix, basil, and kale are among them. As you can see in the photo here, we’ll soon enough be having loads of brussels sprouts to rock your socks right off. Yes, indeed.