How does it work?

Each week, the NE Box staff works closely with local farmers and producers to bring you the best local food. We put together a curated selection of products for each of our Box Options and pre-fill your virtual box. Every Sunday at 10AM you can log in and see what our staff has put together for you, and you can make as many changes or additions as you like.


For example, if you sign up for the Breakfast Box, but one week, you decide you would rather have radishes and ginger syrup instead of coffee and butter, go ahead! You can pick whatever you want! Perhaps you sign up for the Veggie Box and look forward to having our expert team surprise you with seasonal Nebraska-grown produce each week.  After you sign up, you don’t have to log in, and the curated box our staff puts together will be waiting for you at your dropsite each week.

You can customize your weekly box, but you don’t have to!  We’ll have you covered regardless.

In addition to the items that your virtual box will be filled with, there will be a rotating selection of other kitchen staples and specialty products for you to choose from.

On Monday at midnight, Nebraska Box orders will be sent to our producers, who will harvest and pack your fresh food items over the next few days.  We will pack your custom Nebraska Boxes every Thursday, and deliver to your chosen pickup site every Friday.  You’ll need to retrieve your box within the given timeframe.  Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more info.

The cycle begins again over the weekend.


How do I get my own NE Box?

Click Here to see the Box Options and pricing

➥Choose the Box Option that fits your tastes and needs

➥Customize online each week to get exactly what you want

➥Pick up your box at your workplace or neighborhood drop site

➥Enjoy the best food Nebraska producers have to offer!


What are the different Box Options?

The Box Options are the starting point for your NE Box subscription. The Box Option you choose will determine your monthly subscription and renewal price, and the items your virtual box will be pre-filled with each week.

Veggie Box:  4-5 seasonal vegetable items — $20/box

Breakfast Box:  4-5 premium local breakfast items, including Cultiva coffee, whole milk, butter, eggs — $30/box

Supreme Box:  4-5 seasonal vegetable items, 1 local meat or dairy item, 1 other special item — $40/box

BIG Supreme:  Similar items as the Supreme, but more of them! — $50/box

Remember, you can log on to customize your box each week from Sunday at 10AM until 11:59 Monday night. If you choose not to customize, you will receive the default box the NE Box staff has curated for the box option you’ve selected.