Is The Nebraska Box a CSA?

No. The end result can be somewhat similar, but the Nebraska Box is not a CSA, it is much better. The NE Box is a fully customizable weekly local food subscription box. With NE Box, you get what you pay for, a box of the best food, hand-selected from Nebraska’s best growers, not just one small farm. Our staff is very familiar with the strengths of each of our producers, and selects the best of each type of product to be listed on the NE Box site. The variety of products, reliability, quality, and year-round convenience of the NE Box is far beyond what any single farm can provide.


Can I pick exactly what I want?

Yes! Each week between 10AM Sunday and 11:59PM Monday, you can log on to and make your selections. Your virtual box will already be pre-filled by our staff when you log in. You can choose to keep any or all of those selections, or empty your virtual box and fill it with other items we have available that week.


Can I let the NE Box staff choose what is in my box each week?

Yes! The Box Option you choose when you sign up will dictate what items your virtual box is pre-filled with. Our staff hand-picks seasonal items for each Box Option. You can choose not to log on and customize your box and you will receive the items the NE Box staff has selected for your chosen Box Option.


What are the Box Options?

The Box Options are the starting point for your NE Box subscription. The Box Option you choose will determine your monthly subscription and renewal price, and the items your virtual box will be pre-filled with each week. Our current Box Options include:  

  • Veggie Box:  4-5 seasonal vegetable items
  • Breakfast Box:  4-5 premium local breakfast items
  • Supreme Box:  4-5 seasonal vegetable items, 1 local meat or dairy item, 1 other special item
  • BIG Supreme:  Similar items as the Supreme, but more of them!


How can I get this delivered to my work?

We’re always looking for new employers and drop sites to work with. Check out this page, or be in contact with our sales team at


Can I get my NE Box delivered to my house?

To keep delivery costs low, we deliver NE Boxes to workplace and public drop sites at this time. We are looking into home delivery options for the future.


I have dietary restrictions, do you have options for that?

Your box is fully customizable, so you can choose items that fit your diet. Our Veggie Box Option will contain only plant-based foods.


I’m going to be gone during my subscription, can I skip a week?

Yes, you can find this option when you log in to your account.


Can I send someone else to pick up my box?

Yes, if you pick up at a public site, you’ll need to make sure the person picking your box up knows the name that is on your NE Box account. If you have a workplace pickup, please contact your site coordinator.


What’s the procedure to pick up at a public pickup site?

Each site may vary slightly, and you’ll get an email when you sign up describing the details. Generally, you’ll just need to provide the name on your NE Box account, and check the label when you are given your box.


Are NE Box products Certified Organic?

Some of our products are Certified Organic; they will be listed as such on the product description pages.


Can I subscribe to one item?

Yes! You can add certain products automatically to your box each week. Just click the subscribe button on the product page.