2018 – Week 8 of your Nebraska Box June-July Session!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING NEBRASKA BOX SUBSCRIBERS! We really have valued all the feedback throughout this last session. To all of you who have posted your delights with the Nebraska Box and also all of you who have sent your questions, comments or concerns our way—we love them! Please, whether you’re thrilled, satisfied, amused, confused, unhappy, or just want to say hey or share recipes, don’t hesitate to be in touch!  We’re constantly brainstorming ways to improve and fine-tune our program.    

Housekeeping and Tips for the Season:
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 Here is what your box will contain this week:


  • Red potatoes from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Melon from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Banana peppers from Clear Creek Organics
  • Corn from Abie Vegetable People*
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Scarlet kale from Abie Vegetable People 


  • Red potatoes from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Melon from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Scarlet kale from Abie Vegetable People*
  • Okra from Clear Creek Organics
  • Corn from Abie Vegetable People
  • Banana peppers from Clear Creek Organics
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organcis
  • Onions from Clear Creek Organics


  • Red potatoes from Pekarke’s Produce*
  • Melon from Pekarek’s Produe
  • Corn from Abie Vegetable People*
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Scarlet kale from Abie Vegetable People
  • Bison summer sausage from Straight Arrow Bison Ranch
  • Cheddar cheese from Clear Creek Organics
Any questions about our growing practices email Erin.  We’re proud the majority of our farmers grow completely chemical-free!  Unless asterisked, the farms on our list use organic-approved methods in their production practices.
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Share your photos and stories too!!  We love the excitement it generates in addition to being very practical for all of us busy eaters.
Red potatoes
The first potatoes in your Nebraska Box! All you really are going to need for these is a hot oven, a little oil, salt, pepper…So simply spectacular. 

Oh my scrumptious summer melon! These are the best and you know what to do with cantaloupe.  Cut a big wedge off. Open your mouth. Dive in with your face. 

Banana peppers
I found this simple recipe for banana peppers that I think sounds really fantastic to me If you have some crusty bread sitting around I bet this would be super with that…

If it’s possible you have had enough corn straight off the cob, why not make some chowder? We sometimes think of chowders only in the fall and winter months, but for the best corn chowder, you want the freshest corn. And that, you have.  

Cichisdzhvari garlic. I asked Bryan who grew these beauties how to pronounce this. He said, “garlic”. Well I guess that says it all. It is a huge gorgeous head of garlic with huge cloves and great flavor. That makes for happy garlic eating.

Scarlet kale
This lovely kale has a mild cabbage flavor. Wouldn’t you like a nice massage? Well so does this kale…shred it and lightly oil it in a bowl. Add in a little lemon juice and your favorite seasonings. Do you have some cooked grain and other veggies to use up? You have a delightful summer salad….at your fingertips.

Okra is related to the mallow plant. The original version of the marshmallow came from this! Don’t let the slime factor scare you. Okra gets a bad reputation for this! A couple of simple tricks will get you past this. 
Wash it right before you plan to cook it. Dry it thoroughly. Minimally cut the okra, as the more you cut it, the more the dreaded slime is released. You can even leave it whole minus the stem end. Quickly cook it at high heat. Cooking okra with tomatoes will also help minimize the slime because of the acid in tomatoes. And they seem to go pretty good with tomatoes I think!

 I just read someone describe onions as a gift from nature. They really are, aren’t they? There are an estimated 105 BILLION POUNDS of onions grown across the world. I’m super glad we grow them here, in our little corner 🙂

Bison summer sausage
 Straight Arrow Bison is a family owned business dedicated to caring for the land, as they depend on it to provide them with healthy animals (i.e. delicious meats) to optimize your health and wellness. Their bison are raised in their natural habitat on the plains of central Nebraska with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and clean water. The herd grazes on native grasses year-round, supplemented with prairie hay when the grass is not sufficient to meet their needs.   Straight Arrow is certified by EatWild, American Grassfed Association, and American Welfare Approved.
This summer sausage is perfect for snacking, sandwiches, picnics, taking to the movies, on a bike ride, car trip, breakfast, lunch, brunch, parties, camping, potluck and, you get the point.

Cheddar  cheese
I have a feeling this cheese might go well with the bison. 
We’ve got a variety of flavors for ya–CoJack, Cheddar or Pepper Jack.These cheeses are made on the Clear Creek Organics’ farm from 100% grass fed organic dairy herd. That is pretty great.