2018 – Week 7 of your Nebraska Box June-July Session!

Thanks to everyone who has supplied us with feedback throughout the session – keep it coming!  As you may know, tomato season is thankfully here. Tomatoes like to be kept in temperatures between 55°-70°F 
Since all of the other Nebraska Box items need refrigeration, the tomatoes also get some refrigeration.  When you get your box home, the best thing to do for your tomatoes is to leave them out on the counter. Please let us know how those tomatoes are holding up for you!

Whether you’re thrilled, satisfied, amused, confused, unhappy, or just want to say hey or share recipes, don’t hesitate to be in touch!  We’re constantly brainstorming ways to improve and fine-tune our program.    

Housekeeping and Tips for the Season:
Most of the items in your Nebraska Box have been rinsed on farm. However, we do recommend washing all the produce before eating. If you can hold off for those extra couple of minutes before diving into all the goodness…

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 Here is what your box will contain this week:


  • Orange carrots from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Cherry tomatoes from The Edible Source
  • Patty pan and/or Zephyr squash from Community CROPS
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Eggplant from Pekarek’s Produce 


  • Orange carrots from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Tomatoes from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Eggplant from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Cucumbers from Delish Farms
  • Patty pan and/or Zephyr squash from Community CROPS
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Green beans from Abie Vegetable People*


  • Orange carrots from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Tomatoes from Pekarek’s Prodcue
  • Eggplant from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Patty pan and/or Zephyr squash from Community CROPS
  • Chevre from Honey Creek Creamery
  • Garlic from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Duck eggs from Delish Farms
  • Ground beef from Davey Road Ranch

Any questions about our growing practices email Erin.  We’re proud the majority of our farmers grow completely chemical-free!  Unless asterisked, the farms on our list use organic-approved methods in their production practices.

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Share your photos and stories too!!  We love the excitement it generates in addition to being very practical for all of us busy eaters.
Orange carrots
Sweet and crunchy and good for you and good to eat and what to say about carrots other than I think you will just love these! We kind of take carrots for granted and they become a kind of utility vegetable we always have sittin’ in the frig.. I can’t imagine these will be in your frig for long.

Cherry tomatoes
This cherry tomato variety is called “Sakura”. Leave them on the counter to ripen, if they are not already.
I saw these as they were getting packed and they are gorgeous! If you don’t just pop them all into your mouth, a simple saute with them in olive oil and garlic will do nicely for your pizza, pasta and polenta, oh my! 

Patty pan and/or Zephyr squash
Zephyr squash is a cross between a yellow crookneck squash and another squash that was a cross between an acorn and delicata squash. Well no wonder they taste so great! These lil’ guys sure are precious and I think with a couple of minutes on the grill, you will agree.

Last week I mentioned I can’t imagine cooking without onions. Well, ditto, for garlic! Bryan from Squeaky Greens says, “Like most porcelain garlic, this variety has great staying power in a dish. This gorgeous garlic hails from the mountainous region of Cichisdzhvari in the Republic of Georgia, a small Eurasian country bordered by the Black sea, Russia and Turkey. This sophisticated garlic with its mix of great taste, pure beauty and super big cloves is ideal for chefs.”

Oh how I truly love eggplant! I would either throw these slices on the grill or saute them in plenty of olive oil  (along with your delicious garlic and tomatoes!) . It is soooo silky and sweet this way….unctuously delicious. I just read a tip last night on how to freeze your eggplant for later use and you can check that out HERE.

I’m thinking tomatoes on toast or a nice big slice on a BLT. 

This variety is “Tender green” and man oh man are they! These are an heirloom burpless slicer cucumber. If I don’t just eat  ’em whole, I’m super partial to cucumber slices in a vinegar dressing. 

Green beans
I think you’ll find yourselves pretty darn lucky to be getting these again this week! I must have pickles on the brain and if you do too, check out these quick dilly beans.

Flavored Chevre
Honey Creek Creamery has been a certified dairy since 2010 and they have won National awards for their goat cheese. We got a variety of cheese flavors from Sharon at Honey Creek. We have Basil Garlic, Lemon Verbena & Honey, Smokey Aleppo Pepper and Cranberry Horseradish for you. I’m excited about this goat cheese being in the Nebraska box and we would love to hear how you liked it 🙂

Duck eggs
CHECK THIS OUT! If you like knowing where your food comes from, you will totally love this little clip. I think I could sit and watch these ducks all day long. 
Head over to Open Harvest to buy some more of these eggs. If you are in Omaha and want your favorite grocery store to carry these eggs then let them know!

Ground beef
Grassfed Ground beef from certified organic cattle raised, grazed and finished on certified organic pasture.
It is also Animal Welfare Approved, Gluten free and GMO free! 
How awesome is all that? I think you will taste the difference, for sure.