2018 – Week 4 of your Nebraska Box June-July Session!

Welcome to your Nebraska Box newsletter.

This is the last week before our 4th of July break. Your Nebraska Box subscription will start back up the following week.  Have a wonderful holiday!

Thank you!  Stay in touch with us throughout the session 🙂 and tag us and use the hashtag #lonetreefoods if you share photos of your box and the meals and snacks you create with all these fresh ingredients.

Housekeeping and Tips for the Season:
Most of the items in your Nebraska Box have been rinsed on farm. However, we do recommend washing all the produce before eating. If you can hold off for those extra couple of minutes before diving into all the goodness…

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Here is what your box will contain this week:


  • Broccoli from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Zucchini from Wolff Farrms
  • Basil from Abie Vegetable People*
  • Snow peas from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Salad mix from Abie Vegetable People


  • Beets from Pekarek’s Produce*
  • Broccoli from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Zucchini from Wolff Farms
  • Snow peas from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Shelling peas from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Lacinato kale from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Basil from Abie Vegetable People*


  • Beets from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Broccoli from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Zucchini from Wolff Farms
  • Snow peas from Pekarek’s Produce
  • Lacinato kale from Squeaky Green Organics
  • Chocolate confections from Sweet Minou
  • Bison from Straight Arrow Ranch (Most subscribers will receive patties. Some will receive ground bison.)

Any questions about our growing practices email Erin.  We’re proud the majority of our farmers grow completely chemical-free!  Unless asterisked, the farms on our list use organic-approved methods in their production practices.

Recommended cookbook: From Asparagus to Zucchini
This book is the perfect guide to seasonal cooking! 
THANK YOU to our subscriber (you know who you are! ;)) with all the great tips shared from The Joy of Cooking. This is such a reliable standby cookbook and we appreciate the reminder of how great it is. 
Another wonderful cookbook to consider for your seasonal produce is Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.

Raw shredded beets are the best in hearty salads. Or try throwing them on the grill to bring out their sweetness and a bit of smokiness…just slice and rub in oil and add them to a medium-hot grill. Salt and pepper and you are good to go!

Yay for broccoli again!  

I love, love, love zucchini. What a treat for us to have so early. I like zucchini simply sautéed in some olive oil with a squeeze of lemon. Salt. Pepper. Red pepper flakes if you like…

Oh the divine scent of fresh basil! Should you not have a pizza or pasta you wish to top with this basil, how about roasting them into chips?  Make sure to wash and dry them thoroughly before baking at 350° with a drizzle of olive oil. Top with salt and garlic powder and you’ve got a perfect summer snack.

Snow peas
Just pop these right on in your mouth! The entire pod is edible and mildly flavored. Try in salad or with hummus. Also perfect in a Stir-Fry.

Shelling Peas
Check out THIS LINK for info on how to shell these peas and a couple of great ideas on how to use them, including a soup made from the pods. I suggest reading the article and then finding a porch and rocking chair for some relaxing shelling 🙂

Salad mix
This salad mix is the perfect base for those summer salads you crave. At my house we have “salad bar” nights where the salad is the main event. Do you have bits of leftovers floating around the frig to use? Toss ’em right on this salad mix. Add some veggies, nuts or seeds, dressing of choice…devour the goodness.

Lacinato kale
I love making kale pesto. It is a quick and easy weeknight pasta fix!

If you are going to be doing any 4th of July barbequing these bison burgers are just the thing. The bison were raised in their natural habitat in central Nebraska and we are proud to bring them to you from Straight Arrow Ranch. 

Chocolate confections
Oh Sweet Minou chocolates! Really, enough said. However, it’s also nice to know that the cacao for these chocolates are transparently-traded and organically grown by smallholder farmers. Paired with local ingredients here, the resulting small batch chocolate confections are sure to delight.